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Welcome to the Greenfield Church of Christ
2610 North Meridian St. / Greenfield, TN 38230 / 731.235.2341 - Evangelist: Brent Arnold
  The History of the Greenfield Church of Christ 



History of the Greenfield Church of Christ

     The first Sunday in the year 1879 marked the beginning of the church in Greenfield. On that day a sincere and dedicated group of Christians met and determined to take the New Testament as their sole standard of religious authority and be known as "Christians only". This resolve must be regarded as the seed that, in time, produced the strong church in Greenfield today.
     F.M. Kennedy and B.F. Bondurant served as the first elders of the church. They have been succeeded through the years by such capable men as R. Mosely, D.W. Scales, F.M. Kemp, J.B. Jones. J.B. Overton, R.H. Kimery, Allen Sharp. J. H. Swinney. J.L. Holland, C.C. Cox. Hugh Williams. John D. Tosh, T.P. Preistly, W.H. Whitis, I.N. Overton. Robert Medling, J.V. Davidson. Buford Kee. Grover Day, Bill C. Medling, Denton Davidson, and J.B. Maness.
     The church has been blessed by the services of scores of godly men and women through the years. Two of these, J.L. Holland and Fred Chunn, are especially remembered today. Brother Holland served the congregation as both elder and minister. He was in constant demand for meetings, weddings, and funerals. Few men have left a more indelible stamp upon our members than Brother Chunn of Henry, Tennessee. The very mention of his name still causes many members to recall him with great fondness.
     The first building used by the brethren was a frame building located just south of the second meeting house, erected in 1905, on Front Street. The second building, also a frame house, was remodeled and bricked in 1948; it was used until the present building was constructed in 1966. Our present building located on Highway 45 North, is a modern structure with an auditorium that will seat 600 people. It also has 17 classrooms, a supply room, a library, a nursery, and a study for the preacher. An additional building has been attached to have fellowship activities as well as serve as another classroom. In 2007, the auditorium was renovated to upgrade the nursery and training room. The building is modernly heated, air-conditioned, and carpeted.
     S.W. Baker was the first full-time evangelist for the congregation. The congregation purchased a home for Brother Baker when he came. Since that time another house has been purchased and sold, with the preacher now residing at 413 Hillsboro. Other gospel preachers who have ably served the church through the years are: E.L. Friedland, Ernest Boone, Eddie Coats. David Reeves, T.R. Jones, Charles Leonard, Robert McKenzie, Don Kester, Lionel Burger, Edmond Prater, Grady Miller, Mike McDaniel, Bobby O'Dell, and currently Brent Arnold.
     Seven goodly men serve as elders for the church today: Glenn Ary, Glenn Castleman, Max Crouse, Ramon Matheny, Jerry Dale Monroe, Luther Neblett.
     Our deacons are: Charles Dees, John Dunning, Craig Medling, Mike Medling, Clint Monroe, Andy Page, Bob Williams.
     The church is presently engaged in numerous works, both evangelistic and benevolent, at home and abroad. Our bulletin, The Gleaner, is mailed to about 300 homes each week. Our 8-page paper, The Sower, is mailed to over 2000 homes each quarter within our community and throughout our area. We host two Gospel Meetings, and a Vacation Bible School each year as well as hold worship periods occasionally at the Weakley County Nursing Home and Martin Health Care Center. The church actively supports evangelistic efforts from India, to Tennessee. We give financial support to preaching students at the Memphis School of Preaching. Our youth has gone on mission trips to Greenville, TN, Pleasant View, TN, Columbus, OH, Muskogee, OK, Greenville AL, and Costa Rica. The local church here in Greenfield continues to be a source of strength and influence for the cause of Christ in our community and throughout the world.

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