Preachers, Elders, and Deacons

Our Ministers

Brent Arnold is our pulpit minister.  He is a graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching.  He is involved in the local work in Greenfield through preaching and also two radio programs on Sunday mornings.  He also appears occasionally on the Bible Answer program on the local FOX station.  He and his family also travel for gospel meetings that he conducts. Contact Bro. Arnold at


Eli Mann is our youth minister.  He will be graduating this spring from Falkner University.  He is involved directly with the work of our youth. Contact Bro. Mann at

Our Elders and Deacons

Three men serve as the eldership.  They comprise the leadership of the congregation here at the Greenfield Church of Christ.  They are:  Glenn Ary, Jerry Monroe, and Luther Neblett. contact the elders at


Seven men serve as deacons.  Each assigned special duties to execute for the congregation.  They are:  Charles Dees, John Dunning, Jimmy Freeman, Craig Medling, Mike Medling, Clint Monroe, and Andy Page.

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